Recognizing A Disability 

​Do you notice a difference in your child from other children a lot?  Early awareness is important and can be beneficial.

​N I C   O F 

Are you 

in denial?

Stay informed. Disabilities can

be treated, especially in early


Hello Friends!  With a great anticipation for what the second grade is going to bring for my son, I  have a few fears like many parents may be facing also.  Nicholas is still  incontinent and I believe the aide that has been there for the past two years will not be returning. We have been working with Nicholas with toileting however-- there's been no success, yet.  It is in times like this that I could become very discouraged and fearful because I don't want Nic feeling ashamed at school, I don't want his friends laughing at him, and I just don't want his feelings hurt!  I do find courage in the scripture found in Galatians 6:9 (ESV),  where it says "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

I want to encourage you all that are facing one disability or another, DON'T GIVE UP! Remember to look at the positive obstacles that you and your child have already overcome as you prepare to face the new or steady ones.  Be encouraged by others successes and know that one day--at YOUR child's appointed time--they will meet another accomplishment.  

Resources for Disabilities 

​You are not alone. Do not be afraid to seek helpful resources to aid with the process of understanding your child's disability. 

Teaching Normality 

No parent want their child to "not feel normal" around their peers. Follow some of these  steps to help them learn. 



M O T H E R.   A U T H O R.   M I N I S T E R.  S P E A K E R.


"I absolutely love it!!! I'm in tears!  So

thankful that God blessed you  with our disciple Nic. Your entire family - the

bond that I see all  your children

share is so beautiful and such an inspiration. Words  can't express

but so thankful God allowed you to

share a piece of your story.  

Hugs and love :) "  

    JENNIFER POWELL of Dallas, Texas 

J U S T   I N   T H E